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Our Red Wines

Polvadeau Vin Rouge Reserve

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The new 2018 Reserve Edition of this red wine is truly exceptional! It's rich, complex and incredibly smooth to the palate. Hints of black cherry, black plum and chocolate accentuate the wine’s deep red color and body. Mild tannins add to the pleasure it brings to the palate. Pairs well with beef, lamb and and spicy dishes. Lost Maples Winery vintners suggest rare prime rib with horseradish sauce as an ideal meal to serve with this wine. Made from 100% Black Spanish Lenoir grapes aged on site in French oak barrels.
Price: $48/bottle

Polvadeau Vin Nouveau Excel

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A very forward blueberry, blackberry tone wine that finishes with black plumb and black cherry tones. It has a velvety smoothness and a slight dry finish. This wine has extra tannins and pairs very well with exotic game and any type of dark meat. Made from 60% Petit Syrah and 40% Lenoir grapes.
Price: $25/bottle.

Polvadeau Vin Nouveau

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A well-balanced, fruit forward with blueberry and blackberry tones. This wine is a medium dry wine and pairs well with prime rib, steak and lamb. Made from 100% Petit Syrah grapes. Sorry, this wine is currently sold out. Price: $36/bottle

Polvadeau Vin Expession

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A light red wine with forward fruits and bright bursts of strawberry and black-cherry in its mid-tones. Incredibly soft finish. An extremely versatile red wine that pairs well with just about everything you put with it. Made from 75% Sangiovese and 25% Zinfandel grapes.
Price: $25/bottle

Polvadeau du Dieu

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Our signature dessert wine, a ruby port, is made from 100% Petit Syrah grapes that are infused with a French cognac and brown sugar to give it its sweetness and character. Tastes like chocolate-covered cherries. This pairs well with chocolate desserts, poured over vanilla bean ice cream and is excellent for adding to many cooked entrees. Price: $45/bottle

Polvadeau Vin Obsession

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A merlot, this wine provides the essence of raspberry, cherry and Anjou pear. It is a versatile wine that pairs well with pot roast, roasted root vegetables, grilled chops and salads with gorgonzola with nuts.
Price: $25

Polvadeau Vin Beau Rouge

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This is a well-balanced wine that has soft tannins and cherry essence with an incredibly smooth finish. It's a perfect compliment to pork and lamb dishes and is made from 100% Malbec grapes.
Price: $40/bottle

Polvadeau Vin L'Inspiration

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Polvadeau Vin L'Inspiration has flavors of cherry, plum and notes of pear. This wine is very versatile and has a soft finish. Made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.
Price: $27/bottle

Polvadeau Vin Elegante

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A well-balanced, rich red wine with the essence of plub, currant and a touch of spice. It finishes with a velvet smoothness. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.
Price: $65/bottle

Our White Wines

Polvadeau Vin Blanc

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A crisp wine with the faint taste and perfume of grapefruit and citrus. It is very mellow and has a very soft ending. This is a great appetizer wine. Serve well chilled with seafood and salads. Made from 100% Savignon Blanc grapes.

Polvadeau Vin Symphonique

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This is a smooth white wine with the essence of peach, elderflower, pear and hints of apricot followed by honeysuckle and a dry finish. This wine pairs well with hot and spicy foods providing a “fire and ice” finish. Made from 100% Symphony grapes.
Price: $22/bottle

NOTE: Lost Maples Winery and Polvadeau Vineyards are not affiliated with Mesa Vineyards and their private labled wine, 'Lost Maples,' sold in HEB stores. All of our wines are available exclusively at the Lost Maples winery in Vanderpool, TX, which is located in the Lost Maples State Natural area from which the label gets its name. They are not sold in any retail liqour or grocery stores at this time. You may place an order for wines online by emailing your request to us.